Let Acon Ease Your Holiday Worries

Let Acon Ease Your Holiday Worries

Holiday shopping is already a challenge. And it’s only October.

News outlets from Money to the Wall Street Journal have been reporting stories on the perfect storm that is becoming the 2021 holiday shopping season. Across the globe, brands and manufacturers are facing challenges: Logistics slowdowns, rising prices and scarcity for production materials and the unpredictable nature of shipping times.


Why do we share all of this with you?

At Acon, we love to plan ahead and be meticulous in our deliveries. So the idea of a global logistics meltdown that threatens our abilities to keep to schedules and delivery with accuracy certainly gives us more than just high blood pressures.

Plus, all of this worldwide angst may be giving you the same tension.

So we’re pledging to do our part, to control what we can, and give you every opportunity to make the most of your holiday shopping. Here’s what you can count on from Acon.

  • We’re making our global web store easier to navigate
  • We’ve opened up an outlet for budget-conscious shoppers
  • And most importantly, we’re starting our Black Friday sale early this year with some exclusive offers for our loyal customers, so be sure to sign up for the best deals straight to your inbox

Stay tuned for the Acon Black Friday holiday deals!

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