Over a million bounces. Still springs like new.

We’re proud to boast the best bounce around. But it wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t backed by the most rigorous safety measures and design to ensure every jump is secure.

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Performance and Safety

To ensure our trampolines' endurance and safety, we make sure by both our in-house testing and outside vendors that our products meet and exceed the international security standards. We make sure our springs stay rigid even after 1,5 million bounces, our frame can withstand the weight of an adult brown bear, and our safety enclosures can stand the bristle Nordic winds up to 20m/s.

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Why Safety Nets Matter

Does the safety net matter?

The safety enclosures are vital in creating the safest environment for tricking or bouncing on a trampoline. All large ACON round trampolines have two different enclosure nets available; both are equally safe but allow you to customize your trampoline to your taste.

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The ACON Enclosure

ACON Standard Enclosure

The Acon Standard Enclosure represents the more classic design familiar to most at first glance. It fastens to the outer edge of the trampoline, maximizing a sense of space.

The ACON Air Enclosure

ACON Premium Enclosure

The ACON Premium Enclosure represents the more modern look; The net hangs from the sturdy frame and attaches directly to v-links on the mat. The Air enclosure may provide a slightly sturdier look, but both are equally safe thanks to our high-quality safety pads, so it’s really up top reference.

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