Key benefits - 13 Sport HD Performance

Our most innovative springs ever

With the Air 13 HD Performance Package you get our stunning rectangular shape. Our biggest bounce with Piano Wire Springs. Plus, our new safety skirt spring cover for a more secure, silent bouncing experience.


Launch like never before

  • Acon's best bounce brought right to your backyard
  • New Piano Wire Springs deliver our maximum air
  • Superior shape for practicing pro-style tricks and flips

Smart, Safe Fun

  • A heavy-duty frame for limitless jumping, with over-the-springs safety skirt
  • SmartMesh HD enclosure for extra safety,  double layer entry ensures no fall outs
  • Adjustable spring positioning can be set to match your desired bounce

Own your Acon for Life

  • Piano Wire Springs with 200% better fatigue resistance
  • Lifetime durability lasts for generations
  • 100% spare part availability