New Acon Trampoline Line Up

ACON is known for its best bounce in the market and the family of the ACON trampolines keeps on growing. Best bounce in the neighborhood is achieved through ACON Synergy Design technology and the exact science of this multifactor equation will continue to be our secret but we’re excited to share the outcomes, including the best bounce, with you. How does the new ACON Air Lineup compare to our standard collection? Take a look at what’s fresh.

ACON Since 1996 trampoline closeup

Acon Excellence since 1996

From our first day, we’ve relentlessly been pursuing the biggest thrills. It’s our mission for ACON trampolines to be your launchpad for your family, whatever their goals.

What’s new: Even more dedication to your needs. We built customer feedback and testing into the core of our design process, ensuring we would deliver trampolines of your dreams.

Premium performance standard

With every ACON trampoline, our ACON Synergy Design technology is at work, maximizing every millimeter of our equipment to create unparalleled performance.

What’s new: ACON X-Springs. Focusing on this innovation adds greater performance by creating more give and take with every bounce. With our most intelligent spring design ever, jumpers are guaranteed to get at least 10% more air thanks to our innovation. Not forgetting higher but safer jumps with our new softer safety foam paddings.

New lineup springs trampoline closeup
Acon garden green trampoline closeup

A Sleek New Look

ACON has been crafting eye-popping designs that families are proud to show off in their backyard for more than a generation. We’re dedicated to keeping pace with the latest in trends to make sure you stay on point.

What’s new: Two-tone ACON Garden Green coloring and sleek detailing to bring a sophistication to your backyard. We can write more about it, but better to just check out the pictures to see the new style.

This is what you get when buying ACON

  • Soft and thick safety paddings with UV treated materials.
  • No single user weight limit.
  • ACON Synergy Design offers the best bounce in the business!
  • High-quality, UV treated, safe and thick (no finger access) enclosures.
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly, UV treated matt materials and design.
  • Quality and sturdy construction with a rust-free galvanized steel frame fit for year-round usage.

What’s new with the ACON Air Lineup

  • Reduced noise pollution.
  • Even 10% better bounce with renewed spring design.
  • ACON X-Springs survive even the roughest weather conditions.
  • Improved, easy to follow product assembly instructions.
  • New, sophisticated two-toned ACON Garden Green colouring that gives your garden a fresh look.

All these leaps forward in performance and design mean higher, more great looking leaps for you. Check out the new collection now.


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