ACON Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline Safety Pad

Safety Pad for ACON Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline


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This safety pad is designed for ACON Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline and it is built to last and can be used all year round!

The ACON AIR 16 Sport Safety Pad offers additional safety with an extra wide (15.5") design covering all of the springs completely. The vinyl material is extra thick with an overall thickness of 1.4 inches. Attachment straps included.

The ACON AIR 16 Sport HD Safety Pad comes with top-class features:

  • Thickness of 1.4 inches with vinyl covering
  • Width of 15.5 inches covering all of the springs completely
  • UV-protection allowing year round use
  • CE-approved


  • Thickness 1.4 in
  • Width 15.5 in

Package size

62" x 12" x 18", 40 lb

Product weight

35.3 lb


ACON Air 16 Sport Trampoline


  • ACON Air 16 Sport Trampoline Safety Pad
  • The pad comes with handy attachment bungees (14 pcs) to hold the pad down

Other info

  • UV-treated
  • For year-round use
How to a repair trampoline safety pad?
Trampoline safety pads are created with a highly specialized material that’s designed to withstand the elements and continue to preserve its sturdy, yet supportive feel. We recommend replacing, rather than repairing any safety pads in order to maintain their fidelity.
How to put on a trampoline pad?
An Acon trampoline pad is an easy to install piece of safety equipment, put on after the frame is put together and the springs and mat attached. Simply place the pad (sections for rectangular, single-piece for round) around the frame and secure it outside and underneath the frame.
How much is a trampoline pad?
Trampoline pad costs depend on the manufacturer and can fluctuate over time. At Acon, we offer a 2-year warranty on almost all our safety pads. Beyond the warranty, a pad should be replaced if you see any visible damage. Costs range from around $89 - $159 for round models and $189 for rectangular models.
How to secure spring cover on trampoline?
At Acon we engineer our trampolines for a safe, consistent fit with their parts. Once the frame is put together and the mat connected with the springs, the safety mat spring cover is secured into place. The spring cover is first secured underneath the mat, hooking in tight and then wrapping out and around the frame to cover the springs.
How to find correct trampoline pad size for my trampoline?
The right size of the pad for your trampoline corresponds to the diameter of your trampoline. For round trampolines start at any single point around the outside and measure through the exact center point of the trampoline to the opposite side. This full-length measure is the size of your trampoline.
What is the material of the safety pad?
Acon safety pads are made of strong, thick foam which is covered by a high quality and durable rubber PVC that is both UV- and water-resistant.
Are safety pads safe?
Yes, Acon safety pads are safe. They are made of a thick foam and covered by a rubberized PVC. At 1.2 inches thick for most models and 1.4 inches thick for our flagship 16 HD, they reach across the entire spring pad surface. The pad is designed to prevent hands, fingers and feet from getting caught near the springs.

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