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ACON Wave G183 -goalkeeper
ACON Wave G183 -goalkeeper - close-up of attachments
ACON Wave G183 -goalkeeper with an ACON Wave goal
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ACON Wave G183 -goalkeeper



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The ACON Wave G183 goalkeeper is designed to withstand hard use all year round. The goalkeeper fits all official-size (72 x 48") ice hockey goals.

The ACON Wave G183 goalkeeper includes realistic looking goalie graphics designed to elevate scoring accuracy and training motivation. Manufactured from PVC, the goalkeeper withstands UV radiation and year-round use.

In the new model the fastening has been improved making the goalkeeper more durable.

Backed by a 1 year warranty!


72" x 48"

Package size

20" x 18" x 4", 6 lb

Product weight

5 lb


Can be used with any official size hockey goal (72 x 48")


UV treated PVC (no discoloring)


1 year

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