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ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad - whole product
ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad - foldable
ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad - close-up
ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad - close-up
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ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad



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This product is designed to bring stick handling training to a whole new level!

The ACON Wave SP150-3 Skillpad is a patent pending multi-use skill pad with a three (3) band rebounding system. The octagonal shaped skill pad is 4.9 ft in length and width bringing various aspects of ice hockey practice such as puck handling, one-timers and snap shots to a new level. With the ACON Patent Pending folding mechanism, the skill pad can be folded into a handy, easily storable 30 x 59 in size. The board thickness is .16 in and the skill pad is UV-treated.

Backed by a 2 year warranty!


  • Opened: 4.9' x 4.9'
  • Thickness .16"
  • Folded: 4.9' x 2.5' x .31"

Package size

60" x 30" x 1", 20 lb

Product weight

17 lb


Foldable skillpad with 3 rebounder system


  • Skillpad: UV-treated special plastic
  • Rebounders: UV-treated, recyclable and human friendly special rubber
  • anodized aluminum knobs, acid proof attachment bolts


2 years

Other info

For year-round use

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