Mother with four children sitting on Acon HD trampoline

Trampoline becomes part of your family

When you build trampolines like we do, we expect them to become a fixture of your backyard. We use only premium components designed for a long life. So season after season, the joy of our best bounce continues to propel your family to new heights.


Every Acon comes with an industry-leading warranty of 10 years on its frame. Why can we offer such lengthy protection? It's in our craftsmanship

And when it's time to let go of your Acon, we ensure the generations to come can enjoy our planet by making sure our trampoline parts are recyclable / reusable (99,5%).

What's it all mean? Durable trampolines provide a big, consistent bounce year after year without wearing down.

  • Strong, sturdy frames that hold up against windy storms
  • Frame tubes made of galvanized steel to prevent rusting
  • UV treated materials made to endure harsh sunlight
  • Heavy stitching on every seam to prevent rips and tears
  • Premium materials & components from edge to edge so that they'll last season after season

Refresh, don’t replace

We’ve engineered an entire fleet of replacement parts for all of our trampolines. It not only extends the use of your trampoline, but with thoughtful care and refreshing, it gives it a whole new life. If any part ever wears out from use, we guarantee 100% of our trampoline components can be replaced.

A closeup of Acon Performance trampoline springs assembled
A smiling trampoline jumper kid

Designed to grow with you.

With innovative thinking like adjustable spring settings on some models, new generations of jumpers can experience different feelings of bounce as they age up and become more advanced. This is also why we engineer different families of springs to find that ‘just right feeling’. Same goes for round vs square trampolines- every family is different. While some families love the way a round trampline for the way it gives jumpers a natural flow toward the center, others love that a rectangular allows all jumps to rebound evenly.


The best trampolines are those that give every user the thrill they seek every time they step on the mat. Which is why our Research & Development team spends thousands of hours a year learning from jumpers all over the world what they believe to be the best bounce.

Blowup image of round Acon trampoline

How to Make your face go sideways

Acon Air 16 Sport HD trampoline with enclosure on a beige background

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