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A trampoline on yard with a trampoline tent installed
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Trampoline Tent Multiple sizes


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Trampoline tent for all standard size trampolines with a diameter of 12ft, 14ft or 15ft

A high quality trampoline tent that is easy to put up and take down. Attaches to the edge of a trampoline.
Note! Enclosure must be removed before installing the tent!
This trampoline tent offers a great place for kids and adults to sit together and enjoy after spending a day bouncing. The tent can also be used for playing or for sleepovers.

Package size

  • 12ft: 32" x 9" x 8", 20lb
  • 14ft: 32" x 9" x 8", 20lb
  • 15ft: 32" x 10" x 8", 23lb


Approx. 4.6ft from the trampoline mat


Trampoline tent, poles, brackets, tent store bag


1 year

Other info

  • Easy to put up and take down
  • Trampoline enclosure must be removed before installing the tent
Where to buy a trampoline tent?
Like all Acon products, our trampoline tents are engineered to offer a best-in-class experience. They can be purchased simply and quickly on the Acon website.
Can I jump on the trampoline when the tent is installed?
Jumping on the trampoline is best done when the surface mat is free from any objects. Our high quality trampoline tent, which can be used for sleepovers, backyard movie viewings and more, is easy to put up and take down.
Is the tent for trampoline waterproof?
The Acon trampoline tent fabric is water-repellent but not waterproof.
Can I leave the tent on the trampoline?
Yes, the trampoline can be left on the trampoline, but that’s only until you’re ready to start bouncing again. It only takes a few minutes to put up or take down the Acon trampoline tent.
How the tent is attached to the trampoline?
The Acon tent attaches to the frame of your trampoline. 
Is it easy to install the tent for trampoline?
Yes, the Acon trampoline tent is easy to install. Right out of the box you have everything you need to set it up in just a few minutes. After the tent shell is assembled, it’s attached to the trampoline by wrapping its base over and around the sides of the frame for a snug, secure fit.

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