Product image of Acon Gymnastics Set, Black Edition. Featuring an Acon Balance Beam Black Edition and a Acon Tumbling Mat Black Edition.
Product image of Acon Tumbling Mat Black Edition.
Product image of Acon Balance Beam Black Edition against a white background.
Detail of gymnast's legs with Acon Gym Beam for Gymnastics.
Two girls doing gymnastics on the Acon Gym Beam for Gymnastics.

Acon Gymnastic Set, Black Edition



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Safely practice jumps and gymnastics tricks anywhere with the Black Edition Gymnastics Set. It's a smart bundle of our Black Edition Gym Mat and Gym Beam. Practice your beam tricks without the risk of falling. Tumble and flip with a soft padding to get you safe. Together, the system helps gymnasts' level up their game. Improve coordination. Gain balance. Plus, the mat is versatile for other moves, too, like yoga and floor fitness exercises. With strong Velcro on both the ends, multiple mats can be connected to create a broader padded surface for even bigger routines.

As part of the Black Edition collection, these new practice equipment pieces look sleek and stunning for an amazing finish to any performance.

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  • Gym Mat: 3.94' x 8', thickness 1.54"
  • Gym Beam: 7.9' x 3.15" (top 3.94", bottom 5.91")

Package size

  • Gym Mat: 3.97' x 2' x 0.52', 17.6 lb
  • Gym Beam: 4' x 0.57' x 0,59', 6 lb

Product weight

  • Gym Mat: 14.3 lb
  • Gym Beam: 4.9 lb


  • For tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymanstic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activity courses
  • For all ages


  • Foldable Gym Mat
  • Foldable Gym Beam


Gym Mat: High density EPE foam Beam: High density EVA foam

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