Focus your fitness

Focus Your Fitness

Level up with the new ACON FIT Trampoline

ACON fitness trampoline exercise

Introducing the ACON Fitness Trampoline

A New Way to UP Your Game

Take your workouts to the next level by adding in a new dimension: a bounce.

To challenge your body in fresh and healthful ways, exercise will never be the same. High intensity training doesn’t get more precise than this.

Fitness trampoline with handlebar

Build balance. Boost stamina.

Designed for high-intensity motion, you’ll get stronger and firmer, faster.

Round and hexagonal fitness trampoline

6 Legs for Greater Stability

The Acon fitness trampoline is engineered to provide you a safe, stable launchpad for core-rocking routines.

Stable and sturdy fit trampoline

Small Footprint. Big Impact.

This is the ultimate in trampoline performance built into the sturdiest low-profile frame.


Premium, sturdy, professional fitness trampolines
Premium, sturdy, professional fitness trampolines

The best trampoline company now offers the best trampoline for exercise.

For over 20 years, we’ve been engineering premium trampolines to deliver you the most responsive, consistent bounce around. Now we’ve brought this attention to detail to your next high-performance workout device.

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