ACON Air Trampoline Mat (Multiple sizes) - Acon-ca
ACON Air Trampoline Mat (Multiple sizes) - Acon-ca

ACON Air Replacement Mat for Round Trampolines (Multiple sizes)


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The top class ACON Air Trampoline Mats are designed to endure heavy use all year round.

The ACON Air Trampoline mats are high quality, cross-sewn and UV-treated polypropylene, made for year-round use. 8-10 row stitching makes the durability of the mats top-class.

The ACON Air round trampoline mats come in multiple sizes and they also fit to other trampoline brands with the same diameter, spring count, and spring length. Springs are sold separately.

Choose the right size for your mat from the size selection!

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  • 6ft: mat ⌀ 52in
  • 10ft: mat ⌀ 91in
  • 12ft: mat ⌀ 120in
  • 14ft: mat ⌀ 143in
  • 15ft: mat ⌀ 156in


  • 6ft: spring count 48pc / 7in
  • 10ft: spring count 64pc / 7in
  • 12ft: spring count 80pc / 8.5in
  • 14ft: spring count 96pc / 8.5in
  • 15ft: spring count 110pc / 8.5in
  • 16 Sport: spring count 138pc / 10in
  • 16 Sport HD: spring count 140pc / 10in

Package size

  • 6ft: 26" x 6" x 3", 3 lb
  • 10ft: 37" x 8" x 4", 7 lb
  • 12ft: 46" x 8" x 4", 9 lb
  • 14ft: 50" x 9" x 5", 12 lb
  • 15ft: 46" x 11" x 5", 13 lb


When replacing your former mat with the ACON trampoline mat make sure that the spring count, spring length and the mat diameter fit the frame you have. Springs are sold separately.


  • ACON Air Replacement Mat
  • Spring pull tool sold separately


UV-treated cross-sewn Polypropylene


1 year

Other info


  • 6ft mat: 8-row stiched
  • 10ft mat: 10-row stiched
  • 12ft mat: 10-row stiched
  • 14ft mat: 10-row stiched
  • 15ft mat: 10-row stiched
How to measure trampoline mat?
For round Acon trampolines, measure by diameter. Start at any single point around the outside and measure through the exact center point of the trampoline to the opposite side. This is the size of your trampoline, and matches the mat size you need. For rectangular models, measure the longest side of your frame from one end to the other.
How to put a trampoline mat on?
A trampoline mat is connected to the frame with the trampoline springs. Assemble your frame and then spread the mat across the frame to match its size and shape. Using an Acon spring pull tool, connect each spring to the trampoline mat and then to the trampoline frame.
How to repair trampoline mat?
We aim for sustainability with everything we produce. Consider the Acon trampoline mat repair kit if the hole or rip in the mat is no more than 2 inches in length and the mat is otherwise in good shape. If damage is greater, we suggest replacing the mat for both safety and performance reasons.
How to clean trampoline mat?
Always clean the mat with a brush or broom, as snow shovels and other tools with sharp edges may damage the surface. First, make sure to remove any debris from the mat. Then use a garden hose and cold water to wash the mat. Remember to let the trampoline mat dry before jumping.
Why is my trampoline mat loose?
Most likely it’s not the mat, it’s the springs. Detach your springs and measure them from hook to hook. If the measurement is longer than the original measurement of your springs’ specs, then the springs have stretched from use and should be replaced. In this case, it’s recommended to replace all of the springs, as the new springs will stretch faster if paired with old, loose springs.
When to replace trampoline mat?
We believe in sustainability,  which is why we offer a trampoline mat repair kit for holes or rips in the mat that are no more than 2 inches in length. If the mat has more severe damage, like multiple rips or snags, replacing the mat is an effortless and inexpensive way to upgrade your Acon and make it look, and feel, like a new one.
What is a trampoline mat made of?
Acon trampoline mats are made  from polypropylene, and are always cross sewn and UV-treated, making them less prone to any snags or rips.
How long does a trampoline mat last?
There is no exact time when you should consider getting a replacement mat. Acon offers a 5-year warranty on its jumping mats, among the longest in the industry.
How to check trampoline mat for safety?
Evaluating the condition of the mat is easier once assembled. Inspect it closely, from both above and below, looking for any punctures, holes, rips, tears or loose stitching. If no damage is visible, then gently test the surface while bouncing on it to ensure that it “feels” right. If there are no issues, enjoy the jumping!

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