ACON Basketball Hoop for Rectangular Trampolines.
A boy throws a basketball into the trampoline basketball hoop.
ACON Basketball Hoop for Rectangular Trampolines.
ACON Basketball Hoop for Rectangular Trampolines.
ACON Basketball Hoop for Rectangular Trampolines.
ACON Basketball Hoop comes with a basketball.

ACON Air Basketball Hoop for Rectangular Trampolines


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Transform your rectangle trampoline into a basketball court for high-flying fun and games with the Acon Trampoline Basketball Hoop. It’s all the excitement of playing and shooting, with the premium bounce of an Acon trampoline.

The Acon Trampoline Basketball Hoop is built for both pro-level competition and backyard fun. The sturdy backboard and padded, flexible patent-pending RealSafe rim provide a safe, fun-filled experience for the whole family.

The package includes the basketball hoop, a custom Acon ball, ball pump, and attachment hardware - everything you need for installation. For rectangular models, a crossbar anchors the hoop onto the trampoline enclosure poles.

Looking for a hoop for a round trampoline? Find it here.

NOTE: An Acon trampoline enclosure is required to install the Acon Trampoline Basketball Hoop.

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Hoop ball size: circumference = 23 in

Package size

34 x 24 x 4.5 inch

Outer dimensions

73.1 x 28.7 x 25.4 inch

Product weight

20 lbs


  • ACON Air 13 Sport HD and 16 Sport HD
  • 16 Sport




  • Basketball hoop
  • Basketball (7.1 inch diameter)
  • Pump
  • Safety Net Sleeve Green 2pc and Black 2pc
  • Required tools
  • Graphic instructions


  • Backboard: PP plastic
  • Frame: Steel


1 year

Other info

Do not hang from the Basketball Hoop
How to attach basketball hoop on trampoline?
Attaching a basketball hoop onto a trampoline is easy with the right components. For example, Acon basketball hoops require an Acon brand enclosure (standard or premium) to properly install the backboard. Refer to your instruction manual for specific instructions.
How to choose a trampoline with a basketball hoop?
Acon offers two different basketball hoops, one made for our round trampolines and another for our rectangular trampolines. They fit any size Acon model with enclosure, so you have the choice from a more intimate 10ft up to our largest 16ft model.
Where can I buy a basketball hoop for trampoline?
Though a few manufacturers offer basketball hoops, only Acon basketball hoops are created to fit seamlessly on Acon trampolines and trampoline enclosures. You can find those hoops for sale under the Accessories section on our website.
How much is a basketball hoop for trampolines?
The price of a basketball hoop for a trampoline depends on which manufacturer you choose, and can fluctuate over time. The new, premium Acon basketball hoops are offered in two models. The round hoop is around $179 and the rectangular hoop is about $229.
Is the hoop compatible with my trampoline?
Acon basketball hoops are best installed with Acon brand enclosures (standard or premium). However, our round hoops are compatible with other brand enclosures with the same pole diameter as Acon (1 inch). If you have questions as to which size and model Acon you have, we recommend you contact Customer Service to determine your particular needs.

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