ACON Enclosure (Multiple sizes) - Acon-us
ACON Enclosure (Multiple sizes) - Acon-us
ACON Enclosure (Multiple sizes) - Acon-us
ACON Enclosure (Multiple sizes) - Acon-us
Acon Trampoline with Acon Enclosure

ACON Standard Enclosure for Round Trampolines (Multiple sizes)


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Standard Enclosure (for models 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 15ft)

The new Acon Standard Enclosure is smartly designed to add a fresh layer of safety while maintaining our signature style. Jumpers benefit from a smooth, skin friendly mesh layer of protection that's a gentle guide while playing and bouncing.

This high-quality, CE-approved enclosure attaches tight around the trampoline frame giving a spacious feel.

A new contemporary design brings up the aesthetic with subtle design touches to match the intelligence of its manufacturing. Plus, we've even simplified assembly instructions to make putting it together a breeze.

Package includes UV-treated enclosure net, poles made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, safety padding for poles, and brackets for poles.

Package size

  • 10ft enclosure: 54" x 11" x 10", 57 lb
  • 12ft enclosure: 56" x 11" x 10", 62 lb
  • 14ft enclosure: 56" x 11" x 10", 62 lb
  • 15ft enclosure: 56" x 12" x 10", 75 lb


6 ft measured from the mat

Product weight

55 lb


  • ACON Air Trampolines 10ft - 15ft
  • Most round trampolines of sizes 10ft - 15ft that have the same number of legs as ACON Air Trampolines


  • ACON Enclosure
  • Enclosure net
  • Enclousure poles with safety padding
  • Pole's brackets

Pole count

  • 10ft: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 12ft: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 14ft: 4 legs pair (8 poles)
  • 15ft: 5 legs pair (10 poles)


1 year

Other info

For year-round use

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