Acon Basketball Hoop Back Net image on a white background
Outdoors image of an Acon Basketball Hoop Back Net mounted on a rectangular trampoline
Outdoors image of an Acon Basketball Hoop Back Net mounted on a round trampoline

Back Net for Trampoline Hoop


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With the Acon Basketball Hoop Back Net basketball players won’t miss a minute of action, even if a shot misses the backboard. This strong, mesh net extends above and beyond your trampoline enclosure to ensure errant shots bounce back onto the trampoline. Which means more time playing hoops instead of hunting for the ball. Its smart design matches the Acon Trampoline and Hoop look seamlessly blends in with your enclosure netting as a perfectly positioned extension for basketball hoop players.

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91.7in x 37.7in

Package size

24.4in x 4.3in x 8.5in

Product weight



  • Round Trampoline 12ft/14ft/15ft
  • Rectangle Trampoline 13HD/16HD

Assembly time





  • Net
  • Fiberglass tube 2pcs
  • Back net attachment parts
  • Installation tools
  • Assembly instructions


  • Net: PP(Polypropylene)
  • Net support pipe: Fiberglass tube
  • Net attachment plate: Steel
  • Webbings: PES (polyester)


1 Year
What is a back net for trampoline basketball hoop?
A back net for a trampoline basketball hoop is a mesh screen that stretches out wide behind the backboard to prevent errant shots from flying beyond the enclosure.
I own a trampoline basketball hoop. Why should I buy the back net as well?
A back net for a trampoline basketball hoop helps to ensure you can shoot hoops without worrying about having to get off the trampoline mat to chase after balls.
How is the trampoline basketball hoop back net attached?
The basketball hoop back net attaches to the back side of the trampoline hoop backboard which creates a snug fit and keeps the net firmly in place. Its edges attach to the top of your enclosure poles for a form fit to your trampoline.

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