Whether you are jumping for joy or bouncing for family fun, trampolining is an inclusive activity that embraces all abilities and levels of intensity. ACON trampolines will bring out the best in all jumpers, and we’re confident that we can match up the right trampoline with the right bouncer.

Defining Your Bounce Personality

Different trampoline bouncer types

No two people will approach a trampoline surface the same way, and how you bounce can reflect your personality and what you want to get out of a trampoline.

Of course, at ACON, we have a range of trampolines and accessories that suit all needs and abilities.

Wondering what kind of bouncer you might be? Check out these examples to see which you identify most with.

The Novice

For beginners, it’ll probably take a little while to find their trampoline legs, but it will be worth it. Start out by concentrating more on trying to stand up on the surface without falling over. Perfecting your balance will be key, and you’ll want to start with a nice gentle, vertical bounce.

You may take a cautious approach to begin with and that’s OK! Mastering a consistent bounce and balance will help build your confidence. You’re the type of person who deals with early setbacks and remains focused on the goal of steady improvement.

ACON trampolines are great for taking your first bounce on and discovering those trampoline legs. Think about choosing something like the ACON AIR 3.0 TRAMPOLINE 10FT.

The Fearless One

You were born to bounce. Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like a newly installed trampoline. A clean and taught surface, you are just ready to let loose and touch the sky. You’ll grapple with gravity, throw some crazy shapes and meet the surface only to be catapulted up into the air again

Nothing phases you, and falling over is just part of the adventure. Luckily for you, all our ACON trampolines come with the highest standard of safety equipment included.

These include a robust enclosure, safety padding around the perimeter and ground anchors to keep everything in place.

The Family Bouncer

Things just seem to be more fun when the family’s gathered together having a good time. Taking turns on the mat, family bouncers love to see all the smiles that jumping brings. When it’s all about together-time consider putting your trampoline in a location in the backyard where you’re most likely to congregate and have good sight lines to the rest of the crew inside the house and around the yard. If you’re looking to get the whole family bouncing, check out our ACON AIR 16 SPORT HD.

The Workout Wonder

You’re bouncing for a better body. Although most kinds of trampoline use will work various parts of your body, you’ll know the best routines to maximize your workout. You’ll know which exercises work which muscles, and you’ll be dedicated and focused on getting the best results with every workout (if you can keep the kids off the trampoline for long enough). If you are looking to use your trampoline for big time exercise, then check out our new FIT line of trampolines.

The Trickster

For these bouncers the trampoline is a stage, and they’re ready to entertain. Pull out some dazzling moves to wow whatever audience is around. Throw in twists and flips with an added flourish to show everyone that this is where you belong.

Naturally an extrovert, the trampoline is where you’ll come alive and pulling tricks shows that you want to have fun while bouncing and let the world know it too.

With ACON, you’re in the right hands because all our trampolines guarantee a great bounce and come with a warranty of up to 10 years, so you can entertain for years to come.

The Pro

You’ll be the sort of bouncer who watches the Olympics and understands all the complex terminology the commentators are spewing out. You’ll know your double backflip with somersault and tuck from your off-axis corkscrew.

What’s more, you won’t be afraid to pull off a few killer combinations on your ACON trampoline. We provide trampolines of all sizes for all abilities and with the highest safety features included.

Get Bouncing

Trampolines of different sizes

From novices to pros, the right trampoline is waiting for you at ACON. You can chat with our expert team to find the one which will suit your style best, and before you know it, you’ll be touching the sky.

Find the model that suits you