The digital era has been a positive force for many people, both professionally and personally. We can connect with people worldwide, but somehow, we're losing the ability to connect to those closest to us. There is the other battle of finding activities that take adults and, more importantly, our kids away from their screens and out into the fresh air and sunlight.

Many parents simply tell their kids to go outside for a while, but unless you can offer them a fun activity to keep them amused, they'll be back inside within minutes. If you have a space in your yard, put up an ACON trampoline. This is the perfect way to get the kids outside and doing what kids should be doing - jumping and playing.

Trampoline jumping is perfect for the whole family, and there are many more benefits than just getting the kids away from their devices.

Anyone can jump. Yes, you can too!

One of the best things about owning a trampoline is that anyone can jump on one. This is the perfect outdoor activity for young and old. You can bounce around to heights you're comfortable with, and you need to engage your arms and your legs. Best of all, bouncing on a trampoline is less stressful on your joints, so even if everything feels rusty and stiff, you can enjoy some quality playtime and get those joints moving.

Falling over is encouraged

During a child's development, they will fall over quite often and naturally get up again. It's easy for kids but not so easy for adults. When grown-ups fall over, it can be quite painful. This often results in adults avoiding outdoor activities to avoid the possibility of getting hurt. Not so on a trampoline! Falling over while trampolining is practically risk-free, and with the surrounding cage, the risk of injury is diminished even further. ACON trampolines are designed with safety in mind to make jumping and trampolining as carefree as possible.

Encouraging physical activity

As adults, we understand the need for exercise but explaining this to a young child is not easy. That's why parents need to take an active role in encouraging children to exercise at an early age by joining in on the fun! Physical activity should be fun and thoroughly enjoyable. Make this a special fun time with your kids and get on the trampoline with them. Have fun together. Smile and laugh. Your kids will take their cue from you, and when they see you frolicking and being silly, they'll associate all of these positive emotions with the trampoline, which will motivate them to play even when you're not always able to.

Schedule trampoline time

In today's face-paced lifestyle, it has become increasingly challenging to find the time to include some form of physical activity. With the commitments of work, school and an endless list of chores, all we want to do at the end of a hectic day is watch TV for a few hours and go to bed. Setting aside as little as 30 minutes a day is the perfect way to connect with the family. Perhaps the best time is when everyone returns home from work or school in the afternoon or early evening. A silly trampolining session is ideal to jump away from the stress of the day and have a few laughs. Once everyone is all jumped out, it's time to sit down to a nice family dinner and relax for the remainder of the evening.

Regardless of your fitness levels, your age or even your weight. If you can move, you can trampoline. ACON trampolines are the perfect piece of equipment to get you and your family away from the screens and engaged in an activity that is fun and completely safe. Start jumping today, and make sure you jump every day. Even if you can only commit to 5 minutes at first, it won't be long before jumping is an activity you look forward to every day, and it can also be the key to reconnecting with your family.

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