In the middle of summer, it's easy to forget about the new school year. This is exactly how it should be. School holidays should be about fun and relaxation, so it's important to let kids be kids. It's up to the adults to think about school and help their kids prepare physically, mentally and emotionally for the school term ahead of them.

Don't let your kids' time away from school be one spent in front of a screen. Kids need to spend quality time with their parents and be outside in the fresh air and sunshine with fun activities for the whole family.

ACON trampolines are a great way for kids to spend less screen time stuck in the house and more fun time soaking up the sunshine while they play. They can also gain many benefits by being active and bouncing the way nature intended them to.

Encourage regular exercise

Trampolines are the perfect tool to get the kids accustomed to regular exercise. Sending them outside for as little as 20 minutes a day is enough to get their little bodies moving. The charming thing about kids is that they tend to extend outdoor play indefinitely once they get outside and start having fun. Teach them tricks or ask them to show you any new jumps they've mastered. By the way, while your kids are jumping, get on the tramp and join them.

Improve their coordination and motor skills

One thing about kids and trampolines is that the little scamps make all that jumping look easy. For the most part, it is but one of the key benefits of tramp jumping for a child's development is that it helps to improve their coordination and motor skills. Jumping up and down forces the jumper to constantly shift their center of gravity, and this helps even the clumsiest kids develop better balance and coordination.

Improve their posture

Hours spent in front of a screen are disastrous for a child's posture, but trampolining can actually help them improve it. All that bouncing and movement activates and strengthens kids' muscles, and as their muscles strengthen, their posture tends to improve all on its own.

Develop self-confidence and a feeling of independence

Every kid is a little nervous the first time they step onto a trampoline, and the fear of falling is an inevitable aspect of childhood. Trampolining eliminates much of that fear, especially when they fall and realize they aren't getting hurt. Thanks to the safety nets that come with ACON trampolines, they can jump to their heart's content with pure childlike abandon. The fear passes, and they feel quite independent, and their inhibitions vanish. They start to try more daring stunts and, as they succeed in pulling them off, their self-confidence comes in leaps and bounds. Sit on the sidelines and encourage them to show you their newest tricks. Your praise will give their confidence an additional boost, and they'll be thrilled to impress you.

Teach them social skills

Throw a couple of kids onto a tramp, add a ball or some foam noodles and watch them play. Kids are naturally social creatures, and in a matter of seconds, they'll be devising a game they can play inside the safety net of the tramp. They'll happily learn to share whatever toys you add to their trampoline playtime, which is another valuable social skill.

Deplete their energy stores naturally

When the fun of summer is gone, and the kids are back at school, kids will need a few days to adjust to their new routine. What may be a little more difficult is hanging on to all their energy stores during those long hours sitting in a classroom. Don't make them sit at a desk when they get home from school to do their homework. Send them out to the tramp and let them deplete some of those pent-up energy reserves. It's also a great way for them to stay active and spend time outdoors before they sit down to dinner and start their homework.

In a world of technology, video games and devices, isn't it wonderful to be able to give your kids away to disconnect from screens and connect to an activity that will benefit their development in every way? Assemble an ACON trampoline in your yard and watch your kids thrive as they enjoy the childhood they deserve.

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