A trampoline has become much more than a huge garden toy to keep the kids happy these days. It’s a thrill-seeking machine that allows you to touch the sky and see the world from a different perspective.

More and more, grown-ups are learning about the benefits of owning a trampoline, and those range of benefits make it a worthwhile investment for the whole family.

Luckily, at ACON, we understand that and can supply trampolines of all sizes and specifications to suit your family size – and its unique needs!

You may already know why a trampoline will be a fun purchase for your kids, but here are some reasons why it is great for the entire family.

Unleash Your Inner Child

jumping child

Trampolining can be a pretty liberating experience. After all, you are letting gravity take over half the time. It can be an excellent way for adults to release tension and anxiety and put a smile on your face. Bouncing through the air can allow you with a real rush of adrenaline and excitement and help you remember that it’s OK to kick back and have a little fun sometimes.

And the great thing about a trampoline supplied by ACON is that you can bounce your cares away knowing that you are doing so on a trampoline and enclosure which has been designed to keep you and your family safe.

Get Out and Have Fun Together

As if things weren’t bad enough before, lockdowns triggered by the Covid pandemic have seen kids rely more and more on digital devices and gaming consoles.

A big, family-sized trampoline in the back garden on a sunny day might be an effective way to wean them off those digital distractions.

Of course, for some quality outdoor family time, ACON can find you the size of trampoline that will accommodate your family’s needs. Mom, dad, kids and, hey, maybe even the dog can each have a bounce in total safety.

A trampoline can be a great bonding tool for a family. You can reach for the stars or fall flat on your face trying; at least you’ll be doing it together.

Or, how about the social aspect of a trampoline? It’s not only a wonderful way to get your kids out into the great outdoors, but also something they can invite their friends around to enjoy with them.

While the children are bouncing away, the parents can relax because not only are the kids distracted by the great fun they’re having with their friends; they’re bouncing away on a trampoline which is made with the highest safety standards in mind.

Barbecues and garden parties can take on a whole new dimension with a large and sturdy trampoline available for kids (and big kids) of all ages.

family and the trampoline

A Fun and Healthy Way to Get the Whole Family Moving

Trampolining is a way to bring your whole crew together, and let everyone move in their own way. Because no matter what age you are, a trampoline workout will work out for everyone.

A trampoline combines fun with fitness in a way that your family will hardly recognize. A bouncing session is a great aerobic workout helping to increase lung capacity, but without all the crippling impact on the joints that running can cause or the irritation of those saddle-sore cycling sessions.

From strengthening muscles to improving circulation and flushing out toxins, trampolining can give you and your family a comprehensive workout, and you’ll hardly know it.

And the great thing is that there are fitness benefits for both young and old. Children get healthier, both physically and mentally and grown-ups can reduce the risk of creaking joints and a stiff back in later life.

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