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ACON Air Trampoline Mat Repair kit - Acon-us

Repair Kit for ACON Air Trampoline Mat



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This Trampoline Mat Repair kit is designed for repairing small holes or rips in the trampoline mat that are up to around 2 inches in length.

The kit includes a piece of an ACON Air Trampoline mat made of polypropylene measuring about 8.25 x 11.75" and a sewing string.

The piece is cut in a circular shape and should be sewed on from underneath the trampoline mat. It is recommended that two people complete the job - one person under the trampoline and another person on the trampoline. The sewing should be completed by hand with a needle. It is recommended to complete the sewing at least 5 times around the hole or rip to secure the new piece of mat properly.


Size of the mat piece is 8.25 x 11.75"

Package size

6" x 4", 0.22 lb


Designed for ACON Air trampolines. Material may differ from other manufacturers' mat materials.


  • A piece of an ACON Air Trampoline mat made of polypropylene (about 8.25 x 11.75")
  • Sewing string
  • Needle not included


Mat piece: Polypropylene


1 year

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