ACON AirSpot Tumbling Mat for tumbling
Close-up of ACON AirSpot Tumbling Mat
Air pump for ACON AirSpot Tumbling mat
A bag for carrying the ACON AirSpot Tumbling Mat
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ACON Airspot Tumbling Mat



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With our air-filled ACON airtrack gymnastics mats, you can safely practice jumps and gymnastricks anywhere!

The thick and round airspot Tumbling Mat has great bounce properties and is fit for more demanding jumps. The handy size of the airspot means it is easy to transport and use on the move! Durable hand-crafted seams.

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40" x 8" 

Package size

39.4" x 12" x 7.9", 14.3 lb

Product weight

7.7 lb


  • For tricking, parkour, cheerleading, gymanstic, jumping, flips, yoga and children’s activity courses
  • For all ages




  • ACON airspot Tumbling Mat
  • Includes carrying bag, specialty pump and repair kit


Strong PVC, hand-crafted seams

Weight limit

ACON airtracks can bear 440lb/10.76 ft²


  • 2 years for the mattress
  • 1 year for the pump

Other info

  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Can also be used for water activities

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