ACON FIT 44in Trampoline Round with Handlebar, Black.
A girl exercising on ACON FIT Mini Trampoline.
ACON FIT Trampoline, black.
Detail of ACON FIT Trampoline.
ACON FIT Handlebar.
Size of ACON FIT Trampoline.

ACON Fit 44in Round Rebounder Black Fitness Trampoline with Handlebar



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Get a Better Workout. Find better health with improved cardio and balanced mind.

Ready for a workout that starts with a fun bounce? Say hello to the Acon FIT. We worked with rebounder professionals to create more enjoyable, more beautiful home rebounder. So, you can improve your cardio, tone your muscles and be gentle on your joints while getting fit. Plus, its T-shaped handlebar allows you greater stability and flexibility – for any routine. Acon is the quality trampoline market leader with over 25 years of experience with satisfied customers all over the world.

The Perfect Pair: Add the adjustable t-shaped handlebar to our FIT 44in Round Fitness Trampoline and save. You'll be able to do aerobic exercises at home which will boost your oxygen levels, improve your cardiovascular health and burn calories in a fun and effective way.

Grab On: With a handlebar, your exercises gain more control and help you maintain balance. Or give expert jumpers more possibilities for extreme workouts. Adjust the T-shaped handlebar from 31 to 37.5 inches

Jump Safely in Silence: Our round fitness trampoline offers a safety skirt which covers its bungee cord springs, which stretch quietly for a silent bounce. Our innovative six-leg design structure, plus non-slip foot grips, provides a more stable foundation

Expand your jump zone: At 44 inches, the classic round Acon FIT boasts one of the largest landing zones on the market. Plus, its small, smart frame fits nearly any space in your home.

Two All-New Patent-Pending Innovations from Acon: We’ve created a new frame structure and suspension mounting system new to the market with patent pending solutions.

See the rebounder in action. Check out the Acon FIT exercises video library

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  • Trampoline Mat: Jumping area diameter 31 inches
  • Whole trampoline mat with safety skirt 36 inches 
  • Material: polypropylene


  • Bungee springs 36 pcs
  • Color: black
  • Length: 19 inches straight (one spring in folded four times when the trampoline is assembled)


  • Trampoline size: Diameter 44 inches, height 14 inches
  • Handlebar size: Height 44 inches, width 22 inches

Package size

24.5 x 6.5 x 16 inches

Product weight

  • Trampoline: 30 lb
  • Handlebar: 5 lb


  • ACON FIT Trampoline round
  • ACON FIT Handlebar
  • Graphical instructions
  • 3 pcs of spare bungees

Weight limit

  • 300 lb for the trampoline
  • NOTE! Exercise handlebar is not designed to support your entire weight. It is to aid with balance and provide exercise versatility.


10 years for the frame
2 years for the mat
1 year for the bungee springs
1 year for other parts

Other info

  • Plastic-free packaging can be re-used for storage
  • For indoor use only
  • The legs of the rebounder are not foldable
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This trampoline was extremely stable and let me perform a wide variety of movements with all of the space it gave me. I was extremely comfortable the entire time.

- Josephine Nguyen, Verywell Fit product tester

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Elijah reveals his training routine with the Acon FIT rebounder. From maintaining peak fitness to boosting recovery and that razor-sharp focus, Elijah gives us a front-row seat to his FIT endeavor.