Buy now and get a month of free access to Jump & Jacked on-demand rebounding & strength workouts for the FIT Trampoline. SAVE 439 CAD!

ACON FIT 55in Trampoline Hexagon with Handlebar, White
ACON FIT 55in Trampoline Hexagon with Handlebar, White
Workout on a ACON Mini Trampoline
Workout with a ACON  Mini Fit Trampolini
Detail of ACON Fit Trampoline
ACON Handlebar for FIT Trampolines

ACON Fit 55in Hexagon Rebounder White Fitness Trampoline with Handlebar



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The best trampoline company now offers the best trampoline for exercise.

Acon is taking the exercise trampoline to new heights so you can take your fitness routine to the next level. Build better balance. Boost your stamina. 

A stylish aluminum and steel structure is built to provide a quiet, dynamic rebounding action. Thanks to six sturdy legs, you’ll be stable even under the most intense training routines. Perfect for at-home exercises, this well-crafted trampoline boasts a small footprint that's perfect in any home gym.

When you purchase the Acon FIT Trampoline with a Handlebar you will receive a month free access to the Jump & Jacked on-demand Rebounder classes. It combines rebounding & strength exercises to the beat of the music. It is hosted by Sydney, a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor with over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry. You get unlimited access to workouts and new ones are added every week to suit every need and fitness level anywhere, anytime.

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  • Diameter 44 inches 
  • Material: polypropylene


  • Bungee springs 48 pcs
  • Color: black
  • Length: 19 inches straight (one spring in folded four times when the trampoline is assembled)


  • Trampoline size: Diameter 55.5 inches, height 14 inches, width 48 inches
  • Handlebar size: Height 44 inches, width 22 inches

Package size

25.5 x 6.5 x 16 inches

Product weight

31 lb


  • ACON FIT Trampoline Hexagon
  • ACON FIT Handlebar
  • Graphical instructions
  • 3 pcs of spare bungees

Max load

300 lb


10 years for the frame
2 years for the mat
1 year for the bungee springs
1 year for other parts

Other info

  • Plastic-free packaging can be re-used for storage
  • Handlebar sold separately
  • For indoor use only

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