Stylized image of Acon Rectangle Performance Mat shown at a dynamic diagonal angle.
Close up image of Acon Performance Mat’s safety pad with the word “performance” printed on the mat.
Close up image of Acon Performance Mat with the safety pad removed to show its secondary layer of protection.
Image of the Performance Mat installed to an Acon X trampoline, Black
Image of the Performance Mat installed to an Acon X trampoline, Grey

Acon Performance Trampoline Mat


Available for Pre-Order

Next batch of the Acon Performance Mat is estimated to arrive end of June.

Just like you never stop reaching higher and seeking more thrills, we never stop innovating. With the Acon Performance Mat, we've engineered patent-pending technology which reduces air resistance -- for more energy efficient jumping. Now you can gain more height, more easily without compromising a light and smooth bounce. Whether you're looking for a safe and soft surface for casual play or aiming to push the boundaries of possible, our latest innovation is the best trampoline mat to elevate you beyond the garden level trampoline.

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Acon Performance Mat assembled to the X Trampoline.

Personalize the bounce on your Acon to the feel you desire.

Maybe you want a mat surface suited for fun and games. Whatever your reason, MyBounce lets it happen. Our adaptable system gives you the flexibility to do more. Adjust the springs in different formations. Change the spring style. Even add or subtract springs with the revolutionary add-a-spring system. However you configure the settings, the result is the right bounce for you and your family, right now. From the needs of little leapers to eager explorers our system is made to grow as your family’s needs do.

Close up image of Acon Performance Mat with the safety pad removed to show its secondary layer of protection.

Never Touch a Spring.

Acon X has the smartest trampoline mat ever designed. It adds an extra dual layer of protection with a 2-inch-thick foam buffer, followed by a safety skirt which covers the springs. Which means no hands, legs or feet will ever touch a spring. It's all the advantages of a spring-based trampoline with spring-free peace of mind.

Acon Performance Trampoline Mat.

Experience the soft and effortless bounce.

FlowTech is a smart system designed to reduce air resistance, giving jumps more efficiency for every user regardless of age or ability. A proprietary arrangement of the mat’s fabric construction, combined with an innovative blend of material usage, creates a smooth jumping experience that’s unique to the Acon Performance Mat.


167x84 inches (from Spring Loop apex to Spring Loop apex)

Package size


Product weight



Acon X 17ft Trampoline.


  • Mat: Black
  • Spring Loop: Silver


  • Acon Performance Mat
  • 12pcs mat edge padding bumper
  • 4pcs mat skirt fastening elastic band


  • Mat: Cross sewn polypropylene
  • Spring Loop: Stainless steel

Weight limit

Acon X 17ft Trampoline with the Acon Performance Mat and 118 Acon X Performance springs: Standard Height (3.5ft) Single Jumper Weight Limit: 260 lbs Adjustable Heights: Toddler Height (2ft) Single Jumper Weight Limit: 80 lbs With Height Kit* (4ft) Single Jumper Weight Limit: 330 lbs *Requires an additional Acon X Height Kit


5 year

Other info

  • The mat includes a skirt that reaches over the springs
  • UV-treated
How does a performance mat improve bounce compared to a standard mat?
A performance mat allows the jumper to experience greater bounce heights by greatly reducing the air resistance which occurs while the jumping surface goes up and down. By reducing the resistance, energy use becomes more efficient. Simply put: get higher bounces with less effort and muscle power.
What trampoline models are compatible with your performance mats?
The Acon Performance Mat is compatible with the Acon X 17ft Trampoline
What materials are your performance trampoline mats made from?
The Acon Performance Trampoline Mat is made from polypropylene.
Are performance trampoline mats safe for both children and adults?
Yes, jumpers of all shapes and sizes can safely enjoy the smooth and soft bounce created by the Acon Performance Mat. Thanks to the mat's fluid movement, bounces become smoother and soft, which is better for joint health for all jumpers. From little leapers to lifetime performers, the mat provides a perfect surface.
Can I upgrade my existing trampoline with a performance mat?
Yes, if you have a competition sized trampoline, you can easily upgrade to the Acon Performance Mat for improved performance over the standard garden trampoline mat. Simple disconnect all the springs, removing the old mat and reattach the new Acon Performance Mat in a similar manner.
Is it easy to install a performance trampoline mat myself?
Yes, with the Acon spring pull tool, you can easily install the mat yourself.

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