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ACON X Performance Trampoline Spring Kit 42 Springs


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The Performance Spring Kit for the Acon X 17ft trampoline offers you a personalized bounce like you've never experienced. The kit includes 42 piano wire springs, customizable to the setup of your choice. For tricksters and freestyle competitors, set your configuration to maximum air. For families who want to raise up their weight limit, or gamers who want a less flexible surface, we've got arrangements for you too.

We worked with top athletes to ensure that we deliver exactly what PRO jumpers require. More stretch. More stored energy with every leap. All for a bounce on a garden trampoline that can't be equaled. Fine tune your trampoline’s performance with a greater level of specificity – just the way you want.

With a striking silver coating, the Performance Springs are corrosion resistant and offer long-lasting durability. Read more


Spring: 9.6 x 1.2 in.
Spring Loop: 4.13 x 0.43 in.

Package size

32.3 x 9.4 x 2.9in

Product weight

27 lb


Acon X trampoline


  • 42pcs Performance springs
  • 42pcs straight spring loop
  • Assembly instructions


5 years
Can you buy better springs for a trampoline?
Yes, you can upgrade your springs for more performance, creating a different bounce. The Acon X Performance Spring Kit is designed to give owners of the Acon X 17ft Trampoline endless options to personalize your bounce for stunts, gymnastics, family and on-trampoline game play.
Are all trampoline springs the same?
Trampoline springs come in a variety of types and sizes resulting in a different kind of bounce. Acon trampoline springs are forged with premium, long-lasting materials and are tailor-made to suit specific models of our industry-leading lineup.
What is the difference between ACON regular springs and performance springs?
The Acon X Performance Springs feature silver Acon X-specific custom springs made from piano wire, which give more stretch and store more energy, resulting in a superior, softer, and airier bounce. All Acon springs provide you with an industry-leading bounce and come with a UV- and corrosion-resistant coating.
Does crossing trampoline springs make it bouncier?
Crossing the springs of a trampoline increases the surface tension of the mat. Crossed springs rub against each other and, as a result, wear out faster. This leads to a loosening of the tension in both the springs and the mat, ultimately affecting the trampoline's performance. With the Acon X, you can increase the surface tension without crossing the springs by adding more springs using the Acon X Performance Spring Kit. The Acon X 17ft Trampoline was designed to allow jumpers more ways to customize their spring setups in order to create the perfect bounce for you.

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