Stack of 24 Springs for ACON Air Rectangular Trampolines.
A 10in Spring for ACON Air Rectangular Trampolines.

Spring set 70pcs for ACON Air Rectangular Trampolines


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New HD Premium Spring now available to maximize the performance of your trampoline! Spring replacement package for ACON Air 16 Sport HD Trampoline.

The package contains 70 pcs HD Premium Springs 10 inches in length. Available also in 140 pcs package.

The length of the spring is measured from the hook to the hook.



Product weight

53 lb


Spring replacement package for the ACON Air 16 Sport, the ACON Air 16 Sport HD and the ACON Air 13 Sport HD trampolines.


  • 70pcs of springs in length of 10 inches
  • Spring pull tool sold separately


Galvanized steel


1 year

Other info

Pre-tension: 15lbs

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