Trampolines can be great fun, but did you know that they are also ideal for getting in shape? A session on an ACON trampoline will not only put a smile on your face; it can take inches off your waist and get your heart pumping.

Trampolining is an ideal way to get a comprehensive aerobic workout, and it has many health benefits.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The word aerobic is associated with oxygen, so any exercise described as aerobic is primarily concerned with improving your breathing and ensuring oxygen gets distributed throughout your body.

A good flow of oxygen to your muscles helps you burn fat, improves lung capacity and contributes to a healthier heart. It can also lower your blood pressure and help prevent heart disease.

Many of the most common aerobic exercises include walking, running, cycling and swimming. However, trampolining can also supply you with an effective aerobic workout and comes with the added benefit of being low impact and lots of fun.

What Kind of Trampoline Will I Need?

You can do an aerobic workout on any size of trampoline, so there’s really no clear answer. At ACON, we supply trampolines of all sizes to suit a variety of needs.

If you want a trampoline purely for exercising, then a mini trampoline – or bouncer – will be ideal. These have the benefit of being easy to store and require minimal assembly.

However, if you want to work out as a family or with friends, then a larger outdoor trampoline is probably best.

What Aerobic Workouts Can I Do on a Trampoline?

For beginners, especially those using a bouncer, the first thing to do is take the time to familiarize yourself with the trampoline.

Make sure you can stand straight up on the trampoline. Take a bit of time to perfect your posture before attempting any jumping.

For a short 20-minute workout, spend a few minutes warming up by stretching your neck and rolling your shoulders and arms back and forth.

When you are ready to begin bouncing, make sure your back is straight and your knees are slightly bent. Your feet and hips must be aligned, and you should tighten up your core muscles.

Start by lifting your knees in a gentle marching motion to get your legs warmed up.

Then you can start a gentle bounce. You can do this by slightly moving your legs apart and shifting your weight from your right foot to your left foot. Then put one foot in front of the other and begin to shift your weight between each by moving backwards and forwards.

After this short warm-up, you should be ready to jump into the workout.

A good workout for beginners involves about five different movements, which can be performed in two or three sets, depending on how comfortable you are with them and how quickly it takes to master them.

Each movement can be performed for about 40-60 seconds.

1. Side steps

Place one foot out to the right and then bring your other foot out to meet it in a side-stepping motion. Then take your inside leg and move it to the other side of the trampoline, with the other leg following. You won’t need to force a bounce as you feel yourself naturally bouncing along as you get into a rhythm.

2. Reaches

Gently bounce from one foot to the other, but don’t take them off the surface of the trampoline but instead, simply shift your weight between them. As you do this, reach your arms up to the air and bend your elbows as you bring them down.

3. Twists

This involves lifting your feet off the surface a little more but keeping your toes on it as much as you can. As you do, start to twist your hips to the right and left. You’ll find that you’ll be bouncing mostly on the balls of your feet, and this can also help strengthen your calf muscles.

4. Scissors

Move one of your feet forward on the trampoline and as you do so, move the other one back. Then begin to switch them back and forth in a scissor-like motion. Swing your arms as you do this.

5. Knee lifts

Once you begin to get more confident with your bouncing, you can start lifting your feet off the surface a bit more. With this exercise, you lift your right knee towards your chest and then your left knee. Alternate between the two as you get into a smooth rhythm. Remember to keep your back straight throughout.

Remember after each workout to perform a gentle warm down and stretch. The more you perform this routine, the more intense you can make it for yourself, and you will see results in no time.

A trampoline aerobic workout is a fun and effective way to get in shape. It has less impact on your joints and bones than many other forms of aerobic exercise and can lift your mood while dropping your weight.