Some common reasons to measure a trampoline are:

    1. Buying a replacement part for old trampoline.
    2. Buying an accessory for the trampoline.
    3. Repositioning the trampoline to another place.

In addition to the following reasons, some may also consider purchasing a bigger trampoline model compared to their existing one. In that case, it may be intriguing to know whether the new trampoline would fit in the yard comfortably.  

In general, trampoline manufacturers provide detailed information about their trampolines, such as the height, width, and depth of the trampoline fully assembled as well as the detailed measurements of springs, each frame part, and enclosure poles. Therefore, taking measurements shouldn’t be necessary. However, if you’ve managed to throw away the packaging and instructions, it may be handy to know how to measure a trampoline correctly.  

Note that can also contact our customer service to get the correct spare parts and accessories without having to measure your trampoline if you have an ACON.   

Measuring round, rectangular and other trampoline shapes

You need at least two people in order to get accurate measurement of each side. Use a tape measure and make sure to have something to write the measurements, like paper and pen or a memo app on your phone.

Measuring round trampolines

Dimensions of ACON Air 15ft trampoline

When measuring a round trampoline, you’re looking at measuring the diameter of it. Here's how to do it:

    1. Get a measuring tape.
    2. Place it to the outer edge of the frame or mat depending on which one you need to measure.
    3. Ask your family member or friend to go to the opposite side of the trampoline with the tape measure. Make sure that the tape measure is aligned with the center point of the trampoline.
    4. Take down the measurements to a paper or phone’s note app
    5. Double-check the measurements for accuracy.

Note! The easiest way to measure the mat is when it is attached to the springs and frame. If the mat is detached, make sure to spread it out to the ground fully before taking any measurements. 

Measuring rectangular trampolines

Dimensions of ACON Air 16 HD rectangular trampoline

When measuring rectangular trampolines, you need to measure both sides Measuring rectangular trampolines is relatively simple:

    1. Get a measuring tape and find the shorter and longer sides of the rectangular trampoline.
    2. Measure the shorter sides (depth). Place the tape measure at the outer edge of the metal frame. Ask your friend to go to the other side with the tape measure. Note down the measurement.
    3. Measure the longer sides (length) in the same way you measured the shorter sides.
    4. Make sure you have measurements taken down on a paper or phone’s note app.
    5. Double-check your measurements for accuracy.

And that’s it! But what should you do if you have an oddly shaped trampoline? Let’s find out next.

Measuring oddly shaped trampolines

Trampolines tend to be round or rectangular, but hexagonal or oval trampolines may also be found. A trampoline with an odd shape can be assessed as one with a rectangular or round shape. First, measure the trampoline's longest side from its furthest point to its opposite side. Next, measure the other sides similarly. By doing so, you can accurately assess an oddly shaped trampoline.

Measuring the height of trampoline

Height and length of ACON 16 HD rectangular trampoline with enclosure installed

Measure the height of the trampoline like this:

    1. Make sure the trampoline is on an even surface.
    2. Take a measuring tape and put it on the upper edge of the trampoline frame where the trampoline leg connects to the frame.
    3. Hold the measuring tape from both sides and make sure that the tape is straight and taut against the frame.
    4. Note down the measurements.
    5. Double-check if necessary.

The guide should clear up most cases. There are times, however, when you need to measure the trampoline's height along with the net. For that, we suggest you measure the trampoline height first (ground to top) and then from the top of the trampoline to the top of the enclosure pole. Add the measurements together to get the overall height. 

Measuring trampoline springs

Measuring trampoline springs should be done when they are in their natural state. In other words, do not measure the springs when they are stretched out as this will give inaccurate measurements. Measure it from end to end, including the hook part on each end of the spring and be careful as springs can pinch skin if not held properly. Do not let a small child measure or handle springs. 

FAQ on measuring trampolines

How do I measure the size of my trampoline? 
It is easy to measure the trampoline. Get a measurement tape and measure it with the tape going through the center point. This will give you the trampoline diameter. Rectangular trampolines must be measured on the short and long sides.  

How do I make sure I have enough space for my trampoline? 
Prior to purchasing the trampoline, measure the space where it will be placed. As a safety precaution, Acon suggests leaving a 3ft / 1m clearance around the trampoline. For instance, if you are looking for buying a 14ft trampoline, add 6ft to the diameter when measuring the empty space needed for the trampoline. 

What’s the most popular trampoline size? 
In general, the most popular trampoline sizes are 12ft and 14ft trampolines. At ACON, however, big trampoline models such as the flagship ACON Air 16 Sport HD trampoline with net tend to be the most sold options over small and medium models.