Built for generations to come

At ACON we challenge the notion that what goes up must come down. We believe that with the right design and proper care, your trampoline can last you longer than a lifetime. This perspective comes from years of designing and manufacturing the trampolines with the best bounce. But did you know we’re also working to ensure that ACON is also the trampoline with the longest use.

trampoline memories

Sustainability is a Journey, not a Destination

We design so you can pass along the thrills of ACON to the next generation. This ideal goes beyond just a trampoline, but also our own goals of passing along a better world to those who come next. In order to do so, we’ve set out three main core tenets that drive our efforts today and will ensure we will continue to work to achieve them in the future.

  1. Building products already focused on our environmental efforts
  2. Partnering with suppliers to deliver on our goals around sustainability
  3. Creating a valuable and reliable system for replacement parts to extend the use of your equipment
ACON for life

Designed for Our Planet

We design and craft our equipment to last for generations. Someday, your children’s kids may bounce with the same great lift that they did as kids (when they were young). And when it’s finally time to say goodbye to your ACON, we engineer our current models to be 99.5% recyclable.

Building Relationships that Sustain Our Sustainability

Every day, we’re working hard to create even more transparency in our supply chain and our communications. We’re proud that our many of our manufacturing relationships date back longer than a decade. These familiar partnerships allow us to better deliver on our goals. Less impact on the planet and more impact on behalf of our world.


Refresh, Don’t Replace

As part of our commitment to Synergy Design, we’re continuing to set new standards for our company and our products. Which is why we’ve engineered an entire fleet of replacement parts for all of our trampolines. It not only extends the use of your trampoline, but with thoughtful care and refreshing, it gives it a whole new life.