Introducing our latest sensation, the ACON X flagship trampoline, and the man behind the flips – our brand ambassador, Aleksi Sainio. Being a double-silver medalist in the Freestyle Trampoline World Championships as well as our beloved brand ambassador, Aleksi gave our fans an exclusive peek at our latest beauty in late 2023. 

With a massive following of 116k on Instagram, Aleksi Sainio is regarded as one of the most influential Gtramp (Garden Trampoline) professionals in the world. Besides his double-silver medalist title, Aleksi has made history being the first to master the quintback to quadcody trick combo on our ACON X, distinguishing backyard trampolines from gymnastics trampolines. In the flipping community, this trick is known to be one that only the best ones may achieve.

In this article, we go through:

  • Aleksi’s journey from football to trampolining 
  • Getting 2nd place twice in Freestyle Trampoline World Championships 
  • Main reasons why Aleksi prefers ACON X trampoline over other garden trampolines

Without further ado, let’s hear directly from Aleksi! 

How did you go from football to trampolines?

We all know Aleksi for his passion for trampolines and tricking. Yet, at one time, the number one hobby for him was not related to trampolines at all. Instead, he was an avid football enthusiast, playing the game at a relatively advanced level. But what’s the story behind shifting from football to freestyle trampolining?

— My initial interest in flips started when I was very young. Back then, I started gymnastics; I always begged my parents to take me training so I could practice flips. I eventually stopped gymnastics to focus only on football but flips never left my life. I got a cheap trampoline one summer and started practicing on it by myself, which re-ignited the spark towards flips I used to have. Fast forward a few years, I had an injury that hindered my development in football. At the same time, I noticed that I didn’t enjoy football like I used to do,which made me shift my focus to trampolines. I started progressing super-fast and met new friends at my local trampoline park. Having my own schedule for training, no coach, and the potential I saw in myself eventually led me to quit playing football and only focus on the trampoline. And the rest is history!

Aleksi Sainio making tricks on his Acon X Trampoline.

Aleksi’s journey with trampolines has truly been impressive, and the athleticism from his years in both gymnastics and football have certainly paid off in freestyle trampolining. But, arethere any similarities between all these sports even though they are different?

— The sports are completely different in almost every single way, but they definitely complement each other well. The body control, core strength, and flexibility you get from gymnastics benefit you a lot in football. Likewise, the leg strength, explosive movements, and endurance you get from football benefit you in gymnastics. In short, the combination of gymnastics and football has given me the perfect base for freestyle trampolining!

You’ve won 2nd place twice in Freestyle Trampoline World Championships. Tell us about it.

Freestyle Trampoline World Championships is a unique, relatively new competition where the creme de la creme of freestyle trampoline athletes compete against each other, showcasing daring tricks that require resilience and years of practice. Creativity, the level of difficulty, and execution are evaluated in this competition.

In general, Freestyle Trampolining is still pretty new; its governing body FTA was established only a few years ago. What is important to understand is that the FTA World Championships isn’t just a competition, instead, it can be considered as a global get-together for trampoline trick enthusiasts. Needless to say, the sport mainly exists because of passionate individuals just like Aleksi, who have turned their backyard hobby into a potential profession:

— Indeed, I’ve managed to win silver two times! The competition was truly an amazing experience; the location was incredible, and it was great to hang out with all the athletes. We had a day to get used to the setup and lighting. I must say that the vibes on that day were enjoyable. My favorite part of competing was the support everyone was giving to each other, even though we were competing against each other. Everyone cheered when someone went on to do their combo!  

Why do you think that ACON X is best for Trampoline Tricks?

To put it simply, Acon X is the best garden trampoline I've ever used. The overall performance, the effortless bounce, the customization options, and the incredibly stable frame are simply amazing. I'm so happy how well this trampoline came together, and I can't come up with any flaws! Amazing job! 

In the video below, you can check Aleksi’s top 3 reasons to opt for ACON X in detail.  

Thumbnail image of the video where Aleksi Sainio talks about Acon X Trampoline.

Watch the video

What would you say to those who are considering buying ACON X?

— It's the only trampoline you'll ever need to buy. It has everything you would want in a trampoline! It is fully customizable, the performance is amazing and, what is great is that it feels so safe. I've experienced every type of trampoline out there, and without a doubt, I'm confident in saying that this is the best one you can get!

So there you go. If you still are in doubt, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the masterpiece itself by checking the product specs as well as Aleksi’s Instagram page where he truly puts our new flagship through the ringer!