Round ACON Weather Cover
Detail of ACON Weather Cover
Detail of ACON Weather Cover
Detail of ACON Weather Cover

ACON Weather cover


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The best way to extend the life of your Acon trampoline is to keep it protected from sun, rain and blowing debris. Which means wrapping your Acon in with a Heavy Duty Trampoline Weather Cover whenever it’s not in use.

Lightweight. Easy to handle. Made from UV-resistant Polyamide. And so simple to attach with stainless steel hooks, that caring for your trampoline will become part of our leaping routine. Put it on or take it off in just one minute. With our SmartDrain system, water flows through a center drainage hole to prevent pooling even during periods of heavy rain.

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Package size

  • 6ft - 10ft - 13HD: 16" x 16" x 3"
  • 12ft - 14ft - 15ft - 16HD: 18" x 13" x 4"

Outer dimensions

  • 6ft - Ø 4 ft
  • 10ft - Ø 7 ft 11.3 in
  • 12ft - Ø 9 ft 8.1 in
  • 14ft - Ø 11ft 8.2 in
  • 15ft - Ø 12 ft 8.4 in
  • 13HD - 10 ft 4.8 in. x 5 ft 5.8 in
  • 16HD - 13 ft 9.4 in. x 6 ft 7.1 in
  • Storage bag 2 ft 3.6 in. x 1 ft 3.7 in

Assembly time

0.5 – 2 minutes




  • Weather cover
  • Storage bag
  • Instruction manual


  • Fabric: UV Resistant PA 70 g/m² (Polyamide)
  • Edge webbing: UV Resistant PP ( Polypropylene)
  • Flat rubber band (in hooks): UV Resistant PEB/NR
  • Flat hook: Stainless steel


1 year

Other info

  • Protects the trampoline mat from twigs, etc. debris flying with the wind
  • Protects from UV, rain (Trampoline can be used immediately after rain)
  • Includes a cover storage bag to be attached to the trampoline body. The storage bag has a side pocket for storing small items such as mobile phones and keys
How to put on cover on a trampoline?
Putting a weather cover on a trampoline is straightforward. While having two people can help for larger models, it is by no means required. Spread the cover over the top of the trampoline, laying flat. Then secure the metal hook to the outside of the trampoline mat near where the springs attach.
Where can I buy a trampoline cover?
Though a few manufacturers make trampoline covers, only Acon covers are created to fit seamlessly on Acon trampolines. From our smallest 6ft model to our flagship 16ft model, you can find the specific size to fit your trampoline in this product card.
How does a rain cover work on a trampoline?
Depending on your manufacturer, the trampoline rain cover may vary. Acon Weather Covers are designed with our SmartDrain system, so water flows through a center drainage hole to prevent pooling even during periods of heavy rain.
How often should you change the cover on a trampoline?
While Acon Weather Covers come with a standard 1-year warranty, they’re designed and manufactured to last longer. Begin every season by checking for rips or tears in the cover. As long as the sturdy UV Resistant Polyamide isn't cracked or torn, your cover will protect your trampoline.
Can I use the trampoline when cover is in use?
Trampoline covers should always be removed before using the trampoline. Acon Weather Covers can be put on or taken off in just one minute.
Do I need to take off the enclosure to use the trampoline cover?
With Acon trampolines, no, enclosures do not need to be removed to properly install a Weather Cover.