Acon X Block Triangle Inflatable Module.
Detail of an Acon X Inflatable Triangle Blockista.
Acon X Block Triangle Inflatable Module.
The girl sets up the Inflatable Triangle Block on the Acon X Trampoline.
Two girls sitting on the Acon X Inflatable Triangle Block. The girl stands with her hands on the trampoline.
A little boy jumps from the top of the Acon X Inflatable Triangle Block onto a trampoline.

ACON X Block Triangle Inflatable Module


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Let your imagination soar with a set of inflatable triangle blocks. They’re great, versatile blocks that can be used all around the backyard, both on the trampoline and off. Sit on them for cushioning. Jump off them for a bigger boost. Create fun new ways of play, knowing their soft, non-sharp edges are safe.

Made from the same material as our famous airtracks, the blocks feature a composite fiber structure with durable hand-crafted seams. Designed to be used all year round, these blocks are soft, anti-slip and durable, and ready to give your family hours of fun, no matter their age.

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38x24x8 inches

Package size

20x14x8 inches


8 inches

Product weight

5.5lb (including air pump)


Can be used like a small airtrack/-block. Triangular shape, specially designed to fit on the corners of the ACON X Trampoline (play, rest/seat, tricking, parkour, gymnastic, flips etc.). This can also used as a platform when installing top-mounted accessories.

Assembly time

2 min


Black, Grey, Orange


  • 1pcs Triangle shaped airtrack block
  • 1pcs air pump (manual)
  • Instructions


Strong PVC, hand-crafted seams

Weight limit

440lb/10.76 ft²


2 years for the block, 1 year for the pump

Other info

  • For indoor & Outdoor use
  • For on-trampoline and off-trampoline use
  • Carrying handle in the corner of the block
What is an inflatable block triangle?
Inflatable block triangles are blow-up play toys for use on trampolines by anyone who wants to bring more fun n’ games and imagination while jumping. Acon inflatable block triangles are perfectly suited to fit and store in the corners of the new Acon X 17ft Rectangular trampoline.
How can I use inflatable block triangle for gymnastics?
Gymnasts love the versatility of inflatable block triangles because they can be used for support, steps up, cushioning and more. Whether doing high-flying tricks or tumbling routines, the blocks offer a bouncy, soft surface indoors or outdoors.
Is this product suitable for other trampolines?
Yes! Inflatable block triangles can be used on any trampoline. They offer fresh possibilities for creativity and physical activity, whether you're a gymnast or having some family fun.
What is the block triangle made out of?
The outer layer of an inflatable triangle block is made from high-quality PVC. Known for its durability and resistance, it is also soft to the touch, featuring non-slip coatings for better grip when used as a cushion or support.
For whom do you recommend buying this product?
Kids of all ages can use inflatable triangle blocks to boost their fun on the trampoline. Little kids love bouncing and jumping into them or using the blocks to climb on. Gymnasts and older kids benefit from inflatable blocks as cushions or support for stunts and tricks.

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