Acon X Height Kit tubes installed on a faded trampoline image.
Three Acon X Trampolines installed to different heights with Height Kit.
Three Acon X Trampolines installed to different heights with the Height Kit, seen from above.
Eight Acon X Height Kit tubes placed like a fan shape.
Eight Acon X Height Kit tubes placed like a star shape.

ACON X Custom Height Kit for 17ft Rectangular Trampoline


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Raise your skills to the highest level with the Custom Height Kit for the Acon X 17ft Trampoline. With a trampoline leveling kit you can push yourself to the max. At a full four feet (47 inch) from the ground, the Custom Height Kit makes the Acon X the highest garden trampoline available.

With the extra space underneath the trampoline mat, the weight limit of trampoline goes up, too. Enhance your skills with more height and more room to perform. Athletes and gymnasts can practice more complex maneuvers with increased airtime, helping them improve their skills and reach new heights.

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Package size

32,0 x 9,2 x 4,3 in

Outer dimensions

27.6 x 1.9 x 0.08 in

Product weight

28.8 lb


Acon X trampoline




  • 8 pcs of tubes
  • Assembly instructions


Thick Galvanized steel inside and out, Black powder coated


10 year

Other info

Please note, if the trampoline is already assembled, assembling the Height Kit will require its prior disassembly.
How high should a trampoline be from the ground?
The height of your trampoline from the ground depends on your individual use. As the height of the trampoline goes up, so does the weight limit. Most Acon trampolines are designed at the right height so that families can let little leapers safely enjoy them, while still allowing flips and tricks. For fans of max air, the Acon X Custom Height Kit lifts a trampoline to a market-leading four feet, giving performers the most bounce and energy return while leaping.
How to modify the height of the trampoline?
The Acon X Trampoline is the first ever garden trampoline with a Height System which can be adjusted to fit your desired needs. Set it at its standard 3.5ft or lower it to 2ft. Plus, with the Acon X Custom Height Kit, jumpers looking for the highest bounce can add extra frame height allowing a greater range of tricks and routines.
Are there any safety risks related to adjusting the trampoline height?
Manufacturer specific accessories can be used without risk to adjust the height of your trampoline. With the Acon Custom Height Kit, the Acon X 17 ft Rectangular Trampoline can safely be raised from its standard height to four feet, giving jumpers still a solid and sturdy frame, extra bounce without risk and increasing the maximum weight limit at the same time.
How do you lift a trampoline?
A height adjustment kit is the surest and smartest way to lift a trampoline. The Acon X 17ft Rectangular Trampoline is the only garden trampoline in the world that can be height adjusted.
Can I put trampoline on slope?
Acon recommends placing trampolines on as even, level ground as possible.
How to shorten trampoline legs?
Shortening trampoline legs is a safety risk and should not be altered from the manufacturer’s design, unless they are specifically built to do so. The Acon X Trampoline features a novel Height System. It’s the only garden trampoline in the world that can be adjusted to 3 different heights: Its lowest setting is a convenient 2ft level for little leapers. The “standard” 3.5ft height for families. And an industry-leading 4ft for trickers and athletes when its Custom Height Kit is added.

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