Summer is officially here. Which probably means that you’re now also in charge of planning the activities for an entire household.

So, we’ve created 31 Days of Summer Fun to get you and the family moving. What’s more is that this list is good for kids of all sizes and abilities. We just want to see everyone making use of their imaginations and their bodies for maximum fun.

At Acon, we certainly believe that a trampoline or an airtrack is a great centerpiece for any backyard or rec room. So you’ll see some ideas using the equipment as inspiration. However, there’s also plenty of fun to be had without a trampoline or an airtrack, too. (Thinking of alternate locations and objects can help stir the brain). We’ve got ideas that are up tempo energy burners and those that are better for introspection and quiet days.

Do what feels good and go in any order you want. Take it one day at a time or pick your favorites and bounce around the list. Whatever you do, just get outside and get moving, because no matter how much we try, we know summer won’t last forever.

Ok, let’s dive in.

31 ideas for Summer Fun

1. Connect Over a Picnic

One of the simplest ways to create some summer fun is to gather family and friends for a shared meal. With an ACON, you’ve already got a makeshift meeting location, all you have to do is bring the food.

2. Premiere an Outdoor Movie Night

Whether you set up a projector and make a big screen on the side of a house or a sheet or just bring out a smaller device, there’s something magical with watching a movie outside underneath the stars.

3. Crank up the Fun & Games

Go beyond the bounce and bring some fresh excitement to your backyard. Give the crew a few new ideas from this list.

4. Set up a Tent and sleep under the stars (and star gaze)

There’s nothing like a perfect breezy night to connect with nature and breathe in the fresh nighttime air.

5. Plan Your Next Routine

Preparation is the key to success. Stepping outside and spending some time thinking about the next big trick can be inspiring.

6. Dance Party!

Is it a trampoline, an airtrack or is it a stage? Crank up a favorite Spotify playlist and let yourself go.

7. Spend Some Time Meditating

With all the busyness of summer and activities, taking a moment to chill and center is always a great idea.

8. Film a Routine and Send it to ACON

We love inspiration! Check out some routines and then send us a video of some of your best summer moves @aconofficial

9. Create an Obstacle Course

Get creative and set out an obstacle course to challenge family or friends. Trampolines and airtracks are a perfect companion for some imaginative challenges.

10. Learn to Do a New Trick (like cartwheel or backflip)

Have you been wondering how what the next challenge for summer might be? Spent a little time researching how to do it – and then create some time for practice.

11. Create a Chalk Drawing

Whether it’s a sidewalk, driveway or trampoline mat, you can create a large tic tac toe, hopscotch or twister board and let family and friends enjoy!

12. Volunteer/Go Help Someone

At Acon, we believe that helping others and being aware of everyone’s differences is important. Volunteering your time or thinking about those around you are great ways to recharge your own batteries and make an impact.

13. Introduce Some Yoga + Stretching

Mind. Body. Soul. No matter how busy one gets, there’s always time to center oneself. From the young to the old, yoga and stretching provides positive benefits for all ages.

14. Make Space for Some Craft Time

Use an airtrack or trampoline as a workspace for some arts and crafts projects.

15. Let’s Get Wet

In summer, water makes everything a little more fun. Whether you create your own backyard slip and slide, introduce a sprinkler to your trampoline games or maybe even some imagination with water balloons, getting splashed is the point!

16. Create a Journal to Follow Progress and Explore New Ideas

Thinking can often be as important as doing. Why not create a journal to track progress in terms of trying new routines or ideas? Make it a habit and it’ll become a valuable tool for you.

17. Do a Best-Friends Photo Shoot

This one is simple. Gather some best friends. Grab a camera. Make some memories of moments that you’ll look back at the end of summer and smile.

18. Take a long walk

Studies show that long walks are a great way to reduce stress, help the body recover and produce endorphins. Getting away with some distance lets one’s mind wander and enjoy the movement.

19. Create a Fundraiser

Identify a good cause that’s meaningful to you and your family. Then put your energy into making it your mission to do some good on its behalf.

20. Make a Music Video

Summer is the time for music. So pull out the camera and let your imagination soar. Put together a new video with friends and family. The effort will be worth it when you watch the new video together.

21. Read a Book

Motion and movement aren’t everything. Getting taken away to a far-off place can create inspiring ideas of your own. With the right pillows or snacks a trampoline or airtrack can provide a cozy reading nook.

22. Draw or Paint – (You don’t need to be an expert)

Making one kind of art can lead to more inspiration in other areas. For those looking to improve upon their routines and find new movements, pick up a pencil or a brush and start creating.

23. Make a Homemade Tote. Out of a T-shirt (We didn’t believe it either)

Who couldn’t use a new tote? Especially one that’s made from recycled materials. At ACON sustainability is one of our core tenets, as our trampolines are 99.5% recyclable. Search for ‘how to make a homemade tote’ and you’ll find plenty of instructions to be environmentally conscious and have some fun.

24. Host a Paper Airplane Contest

Gather friends and family. Spread out some paper for everyone to use. Give a 10-minute time limit to make the best, longest-flying airplane design. Then go see how far they fly!

25. Meet a New friend(s) and Invite Them Over

Introducing people to the thrill of a trampoline or the soft landing of an airtrack can make friends for life. Use your equipment as the inspiration to spark new friendships and ideas.

26. Make a Dedicated Playlist

Maybe it’s all about the biggest bounce. Perhaps the most precise routine. However, you and your family move, fire up the favorite music app and create a new list dedicated to your best jumping and routine songs.

27. Teach A Trick to a Parent

This one is for kids only – but it’s a challenge. See if you can spend part of a day (or longer) getting one of your parents to learn a trick or pose you know by heart. It’s a fun way to connect and share experiences.

28. Plant a flower or a tree

Sustaining our planet and helping nature continue to grow is a meaningful part of life. Planting a flower or a tree somewhere in your yard will allow your family and friends to connect with our planet in a thoughtful and special way every time they jump.

29. Plan (and throw) the Most Epic Birthday Party

Choose one lucky friend who has a summer birthday and use the energy of family and friends to go all out for one special party.

30. Ramp It Up

Whatever your family does for fun, schedule some time together to put down the screens, unplug for a while and let loose. There’s nothing quite like breathing in the outdoors while laughing together.

31. Chill Out

Taking the time to let it all go and close one’s eyes and breathe is what brings this list to a close. Mellow vibes after an intense summer to-do are the perfect way to prepare for tomorrow’s next big jump.

We’ve created an easily downloadable list here. Print it or tape it up in in highly visible spot to give you and your family some inspiration this summer. #SeizeTheSummer

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