Whether you’re looking to improve your tumbling skills, practicing amazing gravity-defying tricks or simply getting started in gymnastics, one thing is for certain: Proper equipment is necessary to help you perform at your best.

Finding the right airtrack to fit your needs means identifying how you plan on leaping, flying and landing. In this article we’ll introduce you to different styles to suit your pursuits.

Airtracks – Start With the Basics

The most common and well-known home gymnastic equipment is undoubtably the airtrack. Simply search gymnastics on social media and you’ll be showered with examples of all shapes and sizes – in homes and gyms.

At their core, airtracks are air-filled tumbling mats and landing surfaces. They offer a bounce more similar to the spring floors used in competition. They offer the speed and the bounce you need, while also cushioning your landing. They are the perfect launchpad for even the most dizzying tricks, and the perfect landing zone for cushioned bellyflops when you are still learning. Also, they can also be used on the water to take your balance training up a notch or just simply have fun day by building up a slip-and-slide to your backyard on a hot summer day.

ACON big airtrack for gymnasts

ACON airtracks are built with our patented composite structure, with hand-glued double-layer seams, which makes them both durable and bouncy. They’re made to withstand even the most challenging training sessions for years to come.

Choosing the right size airtrack depends on how much area your tumbling needs. If your goal is to finally learn that back handspring or a flick, and you are just starting out, a 10ft option probably gives you enough runway. It can be stored and transported easily, and it will not take up much space set up on your living room floor. However, if you are looking to practice extensive cheerleading routines or build a completely cushioned playroom for your kids, consider something larger like a 20x20ft square.

Airroll – A must-have for Beginners

Working on new routines and tricks means practicing to get it right. The airroll is your pal when it comes to new tricks, as its round and sturdy structure is designed to assist you while attempting backhand springs, front walkovers and both front- and backflips. The airroll can also be used to train your balance and help support your body when learning more stationary tricks, such as a handstand. The ACON airroll is built with the same standard of quality and design as our airtracks. Its double-layered and hand-glued seams ensure that you’ll be rolling for many years to come. We offer the airroll in two diameters (24in x 47in and 35in x 47in) to fit your gymnast’s size perfectly.

ACON airroll for gymnasts


The airrolls are especially favored by beginner gymnasts and can really make a difference in home gym training sessions. After a hard day of practicing, they also make an awesome accessory to children’s gym games!

Like all ACON airtrack-products, the airroll is completely airtight. Which means you can float it in water and improve your balance by staying on top.

Airspot and airblock – launching you to new heights

ACON airblock for gymnasts

The airspot and the airblock don’t look similar, but their basic function is the same – they provide a smaller but thicker mat to help you bounce higher and land smoother. The difference between the airspot and the airblock is in the design. The sleeker and more aesthetic round airspot makes for stunning pictures with its minimalistic design. While the larger and more angular airblock is easier to stack on top of other aitracks and thus help elevate your stunning tricks to new heights. Both the airspot and the airblock provide you with a smaller target to become more precise in your landings when practicing gymnastics, jumps and tricks Both can also be used as a launch pad when starting to practice your amazing new flips and tricks on ground, as the added height and bounce will help you gather enough momentum to ease your way from bouncy tumbling mats to solid ground, and to nail your landing each and every time.

ACON airspot for gymnasts

Gymbeam – for precision and balance

The Beam is an important part of any gymnastics competition, but who has the space and luxury for one in their own home? Well, you can with the ACON Gymbeam. The ACON Gymbeam works just like a gymnastics beam, you can practice the precision and balance needed to nail jumps and flips to the beam without the fear of falling. The foldable beam is easy to fit in your space and to tuck away after practicing, it can also be placed on top of a gym mat or an airtrack to provide extra cushioning for those of us who are still learning. Whether you are honing on your balance, cartwheels or landing tricks on a straight line, the ACON Gymbeam is an absolute must-have on your home gymnastics routine or children’s active playroom.

ACON Gymbeams for gymnasts

So, do you need all of these to have the absolutely best home gym in existence? You can be the judge of that. Whether you find your thrill in dizzying gymnastics routines or from the happiness of your child after they land their first backflip, gymnastics, tumbling and flipping have stolen your heart. Really, the only thing left to do is to enjoy the thrill of learning new skills and being active.

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