Whether you’re coming out of a cold winter season or have been too busy to get outside and bounce, it’s always a good idea to give your trampoline a checkup after an extended period of non-use. We've created a simple, easy-to-follow checklist that can help you give your trampoline the attention it deserves to keep it lasting for years to come.


The Acon Spring Maintenance Checklist

Look over your trampoline piece by piece, giving attention to one area at a time. Here’s where to being:

Trampoline frame

1. The frame – is the trampoline frame, or any of its parts worn or rusted? Check the welds of the frame as well as the fasteners for the enclosure poles.

Trampoline springs

2. Springs – make sure the springs remain tightly coiled. A few stretched springs shouldn't prove problematic, but it's always good to keep all the components of the trampoline in top condition.

Trampoline mat

3. Jumping mat and enclosure net – are there any rips, holes or tears?

Trampoline safety pad

4. The bungees for fastening the safety pad – are they worn/torn?

Once you’ve given your equipment a pass and found it to be worry free – we say happy jumping. If any of the parts need attention or replacement you can find our spare parts here.

General Care and Maintenance for Winters/Weather

ACON Air trampoline packages are designed for year-round use. The trampoline frame and springs are galvanized to prevent rusting. The safety pad and the mat are UV-protected and thus resistant to sun, water and frost. If the trampoline package is left outside for winter, it is important to clear the snow from the mat and from the enclosure. We recommend clearing the snow with a brush, as a snow shovel can damage materials. If there is more than 3 in of snow it will stretch the springs and mat, causing loosening of those parts. Heavy snow can also damage the enclosure if not kept clean.

The trampoline package can also be disassembled in whole or in part for the winter. If the trampoline package is partially disassembled, we recommend storing the enclosure, safety pad, mat and springs. Disassembling the trampoline package in whole or in part is not mandatory, but will of course help to extend the product's life even further.

Looking for a spare part that cannot be found in your online store?

 We have a good inventory of spare parts. Most of the spare parts are available in our online store. Please note that if you can't find the spare part in our online store, it is still very likely that we have that particular spare part in stock. For parts not available in our online store, please contact our customer service by email at customercare.us@acon24.com.

We need the following information to identify the availability of a spare part:

  • The name of the spare part or a picture of the spare part.
  • The name / model of the original product or a picture of the original product.
  • The estimated age of the product. 
  • Your own information for a possible order (phone number and shipping address). 

Based on the information, we can identify the availability and the price of the spare part.