Are you tired of the same old workout routine and looking for something new to spice it up? Well, we've got just the thing for you - rebounding! Rebounding is a low-impact cardio workout that is performed on a mini trampoline. There has been a lot of research about rebounding and how the benefits of this fun exercise can surpass the most popular cardiovascular workout: running.

In this blog post, we're putting trampolining and running head-to-head in a fitness battle. Which one is better for weight loss, cardio, and, most importantly, overall fun factor?

To execute the battle, ACON collaborated with Sydney, the mastermind behind Jump&Jacked — an inspiring on-demand fitness platform dedicated to helping individuals discover the joy of movement through rebounding exercises. With a mission to make fitness fun and accessible, Sydney's platform offers the most enjoyable rebounding workouts designed to foster a love for the process, ultimately leading to sustainable and impactful results. We enlisted Sydney's expertise to put this study to the test so that you don't have to. So tie up your sneakers because things are about to get bouncy!

NASA Said What?! The Truth About Rebounding vs. Running for Your Health

Did you know that NASA conducted a study that compared trampolining to running on a treadmill to discover what would be best for an astronaut? Their research found that trampolining was more effective than running in providing a cardiovascular workout while being gentler on the joints. Since then, many rebounder manufacturers have used this study to promote the benefits of rebounding exercise. 

While we can't quite match NASA's testing facilities, we figured we could still have some fun and try our own version of the test. So, without further ado, let's take a look at what we found!

The Great Calorie Burn-Off: Rebounding vs. Running

We enlisted the help of Sydney, a rebounding fitness instructor. For reference, Sydney weighs 128 lbs and stands at 5'4". We had her run for 30 minutes and then rebound for another 30, all while keeping track of the calories burned on her sports watch. Of course, it's important to remember that this was just a lighthearted experiment, and everyone's results may vary depending on many factors, including what fitness tracker you're using.

The running test

A woman running outdoors with a smile on her face

Sydney went for a 30-minute run and did not stop the entire time. She went at a light-moderate pace and ended up running 4.4km. Her average heart rate was 144 bpm, and she burnt 218 calories. 

As someone who's not a big fan of running, she was pleasantly surprised that she had no trouble keeping up a consistent pace for 30 minutes. What's her secret, you ask? Rebounding, baby! She swears by the benefits of rebounding for improving her cardiovascular health, and it definitely paid off during her run.

Of course, any new workout can leave some soreness in the coming days, and Sydney was no exception. Her shins and quads felt it, and she could tell running was a higher-impact workout compared to rebounding. 

Now, don't get her wrong; running isn't all bad. But for Sydney, it just doesn't bring her the same level of joy and excitement that she gets from her usual rebounding routine. And you know what? That's totally okay! Everyone has different preferences when it comes to exercise, and that's something we should all celebrate. Whether it's running, dancing, yoga, or anything in between, what matters most is that we find a way to move our bodies that feels good and helps us feel our best.

The rebounding test

A woman doing a rebounder workout on an ACON rebounder

Sydney completed one of her Jump&Jacked workouts that were half an hour in length. The rebounding test was done on a white ACON round rebounder. This workout consisted of a lot of different rebounding moves to the beat of the music. She continued to jump non-stop for the entire 30 minutes. Here is a link to the workout she did. Her average heart rate was 148 bpm, and she burnt 234 calories. 

As a devoted rebounder, Sydney breezed through her latest workout with ease and had a blast doing it. To her, rebounding feels more like a dance party than a workout, and she loves how it gets her heart pumping and her body moving. And despite the intensity of her session, she was surprised to find that she didn't experience any soreness the next day. But hey, that's the beauty of doing what you love and loving what you do - when you're passionate about something, it feels less like a chore and more like a celebration of your body and all the amazing things it can do!

The Ultimate Rebounding vs. Running Test: And the Winner Is...

...Rebounding! While running has long held the title of the ultimate exercise, we've discovered that rebounding might just surpass it. Like running, rebounding burns calories with comparable efficiency and keeps your heart rate elevated throughout the entire workout. But what makes rebounding special is the extra fun it provides and how gentle it is on your joints. This makes rebounding an activity that anyone can easily participate in, regardless of their fitness level or prior experience.

In our test, the results of both workouts were so close that one form of exercise is not superior to the other when it comes to burning calories. Sydney burned 218 calories with running, and 234 calories with rebounding, and her average heart rate was so similar that there's no clear winner.

But here's the thing: it's not about finding the "perfect" workout that burns the most calories or has the most magical benefits. When choosing a fitness routine, there are two things you should consider.

Trampoline fitness instructor Sydney leaning on an ACON rebounder

First, think about your specific circumstances. If you have any injuries or joint pain, a low-impact workout like rebounding might be a better choice for you. Or, if you have kids at home and can't leave the house to run, pull out your mini trampoline and start jumping with the whole family.

Secondly, think about what you enjoy. Fitness should bring joy to your life! It's a chance to move your body, take care of your mind, and show yourself some self-love. It doesn't have to be all sprints, push-ups, and burpees. You can choose from various options like dance, rock climbing, yoga, and of course, our personal favorite - jumping on a mini trampoline to the beat of the music. Consistency is key when it comes to fitness, and the only way to stay consistent is by finding a workout routine you love doing.


Ultimately, it's not about which exercise is the best - it's about finding the workout that feels best for you and your body. So go ahead and try out different workouts until you find the one that makes you feel alive, happy, and healthy! But if you're feeling rebounding might be your fitness calling, then be sure to check out ACON's fitness trampolines to start jumping in love with movement.