Modern life has given us so many conveniences, and it seems as though our entire being is programmed in one way or another to a screen of some sort. While this level of connectivity has certainly made life easier in some ways, we tend to be missing out on the simple yet very necessary elements of life.

Not so long ago, spending time outdoors was an essential part of the day. Kids did not need to be encouraged to go outside. Quite the opposite. They usually had to be asked to come inside. Repeatedly! Parents would also take their children for walks, and weekends were usually happy days with families taking picnics in local parks and forests.

Getting outdoors matters for many reasons. Plan some quality family time in the fresh air playing on your ACON trampoline or enjoying a hike through nature.

Quiet your mind

One of the greatest benefits of spending time outdoors is that a walk through nature or engaging in a simple activity is that you can quiet your mind. Those devices we seem constantly attached to overstimulate our minds, leading to restlessness, sleeping problems and even anxiety. Go for a walk at the end of a challenging day or have some outdoor fun on your ACON trampoline. The simple act of being away from screens will do wonders for your mind and keep your body active, which we should all endeavor to do.

Boost your immunity

Being cooped up indoors can compromise your immune system in many ways. Our immune system works best when we alter our environment, so spending time outdoors, even on a cold winter day, works wonders at boosting the immune system. The air in our homes quickly becomes stale, so it is important to not only step outside as often as you can but also open your windows and let your home fill with fresh air.

If you can add an activity such as trampolining, walking or playing with a ball, you'll see even more improvements to your overall health. Just rug up in warmer clothes if it's cold and enjoy being outside.

Improve your mental focus

Finding it difficult to focus on your work or study? The solution is waiting for you outside the front or back door. Being surrounded by four walls for hours on end can lead to a case of brain fog, and you could find yourself repeating the same task over and over again. Going outdoors for some fresh air can invigorate your mind and clear that brain fog. You'll also start to relax, which will help you sharpen your focus. You'll come inside feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the problem you walked away from moments ago.

This is particularly important for children and young people when they study. Being cooped up is not a natural state for anyone, but the effects on our youth can be a lot worse. Not focusing on their books frustrates young people, which can lead to anger issues, frustration, anxiety and depression. Just 20 minutes of outdoor time every day will help calm young minds and help them focus better. Take your kids outside and spend some quality time together.

Develop healthier habits

We all tend to spend more screen time than we need to, and most of this is spent lying on the bed, couch or a chair. Team this with a bowl of chips, and you can quickly develop an unhealthy habit that's hard to break. This is the start of a sedentary lifestyle and all the complications that come with it. Encourage everyone in the family home to put their devices down for a few hours while you go outside for a walk or engage in a fun activity. When you come back inside, share a healthy snack together consisting of fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt. Get into the habit of instilling healthy outdoor and dietary choices in your kids at a young age and watch them thrive. It'll be a positive habit for the adults as well.

Spending time outdoors is undoubtedly the best prescription to improve your overall health. It can calm your mind, improve your focus and when you combine this with some physical activity, you have an unbeatable combination. Get jumping on your ACON trampoline and inhale all that wonderful fresh air as you put your body through its paces. Summer or winter, it's a great way to keep your family fit and healthy.

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